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Providing High-Quality Care

CDS & In-Home Services

Missouri Medicaid

How can we help?

Signs your loved one needs care

A recent fall or unsteady on their feet

Limited access to activities and alone much of the time.

Weight loss or loss of appetite

Increasingly confused, anxious or forgetful

A c hange in personal hygiene

Difficulties running essential errands

Forgetting to take medicaitons

What does the program offer??

Personal Care

Meal Prep/Eating



Assisting with Toileting


Medication Reminders


Light housekeeping such as dusting, sweeping, making beds, and changing lines

**Some tasks will only qualify under certain programs. CDS or In-Home**

What does Shea Home Care do?!

Case Management

A Shea employee will come visit each participant monthly.  During these visits we will have a short chat, confirm you are receiving the best help possible and assist you with any questions or training you may need!

Reassessments/RN Visits

Our Registered Nurse will come visit you monthly if you qualify for RN visits on your care plan.

She will also visit each participant yearly to confirm the Plan Of Care provides all tasks to allow you to live as independently as possible!

Who We Are

Caregivers You Can Trust

Receive care and assistance in the comfort of your own home. Shea Home Care provides In-Home and Consumer Directed Services that you can trust. In compliance with the State Of Missouri you will receive care based on an individualized plan of care to fit your daily needs.  

Experienced and Supportive

We understand that not one care plan fits all. Daily services can include anything from meal preparation, hygiene, cleaning, and transportation. We will take the time to educate you on the plan of care the State of Missouri has created that fits your specific needs. 

Experienced Home Health Aids

Companionship is key to a trusted relationship with our caregivers. We not only strive to help you with everyday tasks but want to develop a caring relationship with you. 


Consumer Directed Services

The CDS program allows for family members to assist family members with their every day needs such as bathing, grooming, cleaning, and more!  In the CDS program YOU are the employer!  Shea Home Care works for you and assists in payroll, taxes, background checks as well as communication with the state regarding your plan of care!


In-Home Services

In-Home Services while similar to the CDS program does not allow a family member to be your caregiver.  Shea Home Care will hire and train a qualified candidate to work in your home helping with your daily activities in accordance to your plan of care provided by the State of Missouri.


RN visits

Our experienced and highly trained RN's  provide the highest quality of care to our clients. Nail Care and Med Set-up are only two services you may qualify for. Our goal is to help individuals live happy and fulfilling lives. 


CDS=You are the employer! Now what?

What does CDS mean?

Consumer Directed Services. YOU direct your own care. You are the employer!

How do I find a caregiver?

In the CDS program a family member or close friend can work for you! You may also ask at church, community events or other friends for suggestions.

I have a potential caregiver, now what?

Screening over the phone is great first step!  During this call you should discuss their job experience in detail and state your specific expectations.

You can discuss hours, wages, and ask for references. 

If you feel like the applicant sounds acceptable, you can plan to meet in person.  We suggest meeting in a public place and bringing a friend or family along.

Face to Face Meeting!

Here are some questions you may want to ask during the interview process:

Where have you worked before?

What were your job duties?

How do you feel about caring for a person with a disability?

How do you handle people when they are angry?  Stubborn?  Fearful?

Do you have reliable transportation?


Is there anything in the job description you are uncomfortable doing?

Area Agency on Aging (AAA)

Find the phone number and address for your local area agency on aging location by clicking below.

Information You might want

Missouri Medicaid

Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) programs are intended to provide necessary assistance in meeting the unmet needs of seniors and adults with disabilities and enable the individuals to remain in the least restrictive environment. HCBS consists of two separate programs: in-home services (IHS) and consumer directed services (CDS). Separate proposals are required in order to be considered for the two programs.


  • How to Register
    A person may register two ways:
    • Online Registration with the FCSR is quick and easy. All an individual  needs is Internet access, their Social Security number and email address, and a  valid credit or debit card for payment of the fee. The fee to register online  is $13.00 plus a $1.25 processing fee.
    • Mail a Worker Registration Form, a photocopy of the Social Security card, and a  check or money order for the $13.00 registration fee (if applicable) to the  Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services, Fee Receipts Unit, P.O. Box  570, Jefferson City, MO, 65102. Mailed forms are processed in the order  received.
    • Requesting Background Information
      FCSR screenings contain Missouri data only. Eligible  employers may request background information in three ways:

Need Medicaid

Don't have Medicaid. You can apply .